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About Our "Strictly Salsa - LA style" Dance Classes

We teach LA-style salsa dance as well as other popular club dances - Bachata/Merengue/Cha Cha. But we focus on teaching "dancing with good strict techniques" - so the class is named "Stricly salsa - LA Style". "Dancing beautifully" takes lots of time invested in learning and practice. So we encourage you to come to our classes. It makes a difference.

LA style salsa was started by dancers in Los Angeles, California. LA-style salsa is characterized by ladies' (and men's) beautiful spins and dancing in a slot. LA style was developed so you can go out to clubs and dance salsa and look good in club settings. This is a great style, dancing on 1 (which means man steps forward on 1), and is the preferred salsa style in most of the U.S. except in New York and surrounding areas.


If you are new to salsa dance, we are here to teach you how to dance. You will no longer want to sit down at parties, weddings, or dances because you can't dance.

Can anyone with no background in dancing learn how to dance? Yes. We'll show you how easy it can be! No previous dance experience is required to learn to dance salsa. Moreover, you will have fun! Whoever said you can't learn and have fun at the same time?

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If you have been dancing salsa for a while, and want to get better, we welcome you to join us at our intermediate and advanced "Strictly Salsa - LA style" classes. You will learn to dance with style, spin beautifully and have fun. Salsa dancing will surely become your passion in your life! Good dancers are sought after on the dance floor, and also in social settings. Dancing is not only fun and great exercise, but also builds self-confidence and social grace. In another words, it has the power to transform people's lives.



There are so many occasions that you can use salsa dancing! We strongly encourage you to go out to various social settings and dance salsa. Our classes are geared for use in social settings such as night clubs, social dance events, weddings, and parties. For singles, salsa dancing is a great way to meet other people. You will be able to have fun while getting to know other people. If you are a couple, this gives couples a wonderful past-time to share. You know how that boosts the relationship !

Cleveland Salsa Passion is dedicated to creating the greatest environment for people to learn to dance and interact with other salsa dancers in Northeast Ohio.

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Come Join Us !

Strictly Salsa LA Style - Beautiful and Stylish Salsa Dancing Unleashed!

Strictly Salsa - LA Style classes are now offered by Cleveland Salsa Passion.

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We teach:

Salsa (on 1) - LA style



This will get you ready for all Latin dance club moves. Or wedding if you desire.


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Now "Strictly Salsa - LA Style" Dance Classes Offered in Cleveland Area (Northeast Ohio):

Class taught by Cleveland Salsa Passion Instructors:

Location:  One More Step Dance Studio
  4431 Mayfield Rd.
South Euclid, Ohio 44121

Call (216) 501-3112 for Class Details

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