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Upcoming LA Style Novice 1 Class Schedule

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 New Session Start Dates: WED, April 16th (send e-mail to seany@cleveland salsa passion to pre-register for the class)

Session Schedule:( Wed 6:45 pm - 7:30 pm)

1st week:  Salsa Basic & Basic Shine

2nd Week: Cross Body Lead #1, Lady’s Under Arm Turn-Method #1 and #2, Lady's Arm Styling

3rd Week: Cross Body Lead #2, Lady’s Under Arm Turn- Method #3, More Shines

4th Week: Cross Body Lead #3, Lady’s Walk, Man’s Right Turn Combination

5th Week:  Putting Them All Together Musically

Location: Now all classes are held at

Cleveland Salsa Passion Studio (Next to Nazca Restaurant)

4620 Richmond Rd. #294

Warrensville Heights, OH 44128

* If you miss one or two classes, you can come back for make-up classes during the next session.





Nery Garcia & Giana Montoya - Boston Salsa Festival 2012 (Social Dancing)


Salsa Dancing at The Granada, Los Angeles



SALSA dancing is popular all over the world. Here you can see a couple taking it to extreme sports level. But you will see later that this isn't just for professionals.

Janette Manrara and Romulo Villaverde



Salsa dancers dancing in a dance club in Columbia. They are doing Cali style + LA style = Extreme Sports (?). More fun !!!!!!!!!!!






You have been watching salsa dancers having fun and vowed to yourself that those dancers are faking "fun". But deep inside you are curious. Yes. You want to try whatever they are doing on the dance floor.

You took some salsa class, learned some moves, but could not execute it smoothly like some people do. You decide that salsa dancing might be a great thing to watch. But not something to get passionate about. But you are somewhat lost. "What do I have to do to become great in dancing?"



First Dance at the Wedding  
Salsa dancing is becoming popular at weddings. If you are single, get ready -- (watch John & Tracey's salsa wedding dance in a new browser)

What is the benefit of salsa dancing? Whether you are a beginner, social dancer, or salsa enthusiast, you will have fun. You will be doing more exercise. You will meet new people. You will make new friends. You may find a new lover. But can you go beyond? Yes. By taking dance lessons, and by gettin good, you will get to enjoy dancing more, you will have more fun, and you will be wanted on the dance floor.
So by investing your time in learning salsa dancing, you will reap multiple benefits from your dancing.

Find out how here


Never say never again ! 
"Love means never having to say sorry" - to a salsa dance invitation!
(recent American saying)


NO HABLO SALSA? --- How You Can Still Have Fun

If your wedding is impending, and you still have no idea on how to do salsa, don't despair. Here is a great non-salsa wedding:



The famous JK wedding entrance dance 


You can still have fun even if you do not know how to salsa dance. You can learn other dances. But salsa is a partner dance. So you get to enjoy the interaction during salsa dancing. Improve your social dancing skills and when you are invited to weddings and events, you can enjoy partner dancing, and show off how you are a social butterfly.



FOR NON SALSA DANCERS ONLY - Divorce Entrance Dance?

But watch out folks. See what happens when a couple did not dance salsa at their wedding. The famous 6-month-after-JK-wedding-video.



The 6-month-after-JK-wedding-video 


Fun at the divorce proceedings?

Surprising? Or entertaining?


Please do realize that the above 6-month-after-JK-wedding-video is a joke (make believe). According to the source, they are still happily married. The secret of happy marriage?

Having a hobby of partner dancing is a great way to keep a marriage happy. So why not give it a try? Go sign up for a salsa dance class today.




At Cleveland Salsa Passion, we make it easy to learn Salsa Dance and other Latin Dances. We teach Salsa, and other Latin Dances. Based in Cleveland, OH, we have weekly novice/ intermediate/ advanced classes. Come and see yourself if you like our salsa dance class. Only problem may be that salsa dancing can be addictive. You see anything that causes addiction is dangerous activity. So we say, "Dance salsa with passion, but do it in moderation."




Come Join Us !

Strictly Salsa LA Style - Beautiful and Stylish Salsa Dancing Unleashed!

Strictly Salsa - LA Style classes are now offered by Cleveland Salsa Passion. (Class times: Tuesdays and Wednesdays)

See salsa dance class for details

So You Wanna Learn To Dance Like The Stars?
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Spider-Man --------- "With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility "

Politician ----------- "With Great Power, Comes Everything Else"

(If you are neither Spider-Man, nor a politician)
---------------------- "With Great Passion, Comes Great Dancing"



Useless Tips (Laugh & Learn)










Now "Strictly Salsa - LA Style" Dance Classes Offered in Cleveland Area (Northeast Ohio):

Class taught by Cleveland Salsa Passion Instructors:

Location:  Cleveland Salsa Passion Dance Studio
  4620 Richmond Rd #264
Warrensville Heights, Ohio 44128

Call (216) 501-3112 for Class Details

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